Yell encourages all reviews, both positive and negative, to help our users make informed choices. To ensure Yell’s published reviews are genuine and free from bias we therefore only remove negative reviews if they breach our reviews policy or conditions of use. If you feel strongly that a review is inaccurate or breaches this policy, press the Report Review button which appears within each review box on
We understand that it can be unpleasant to receive a negative review which you feel is not representative of your business. But at the same time, we recommend that you take time to leave a constructive business response to the review. Leaving feedback from your business will show users how you approach customer service and is a chance to turn a negative review into a positive customer experience. 
Online, the best way to deal with negative reviews is to ensure that they are outweighed by positive feedback. Encourage your customers to leave a review of your business on by using our Request a Review feature. Access this feature in your business account.
For more information in handling negative reviews, view our guide to managing negative reviews.