If you have added the reviews widget to your website, when you use our Request a review feature (via your account dashboard here or the Yell for Business app), you can choose any reviews received to be published either on your Yell listing or your website. A review published to your website is referred to as a first party review.

If you don’t want first party reviews on your website, you can switch this feature off so requested reviews are published to your Yell listing instead. To switch off first party review collection, log into your account dashboard here and follow these steps:


  1. Under Your Business Reviews, click Review notification settings

  2. Select the listing you want to edit (where you have more than one)

  3. Under First party reviews, check Do not generate first party reviews from my customers

  4. Click the Save button on the right hand of the page


Please note: Any reviews already published as first party reviews can’t be transferred to your Yell listing.