What is Extended Distribution? 

Extended Distribution creates and/or claims listings for you across our extended network of up to 48 major websites, apps and platforms to help you be found and chosen by customers everywhere that matters online.


We share the details from your Yell business profile and any time you make changes on Yell we’ll sync them everywhere they have been shared to keep your business details up to date and accurate and save you lots of time.


We also provide you full support in setting up and linking your Google Business Profile. 


Our extended network (as of July ‘23) includes the following platforms:


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*48 plus 2 new publishers 

*Twitter is currently unavailable 


What are the benefits of Extended Distribution? 

  • Claiming business listings across a wide publisher network helps your business be found across the internet
  • Build trust by having your accurate, up to date details appear everywhere customers are searching online
  • Quickly and easily update your details everywhere they have been shared online by making changes to your Yell profile, saving you hours of time
  • Setting up and linking a Google Business Profile (GBP) improves local Google search visibility for your business, which is important for any effective marketing strategy. Extended Distribution keeps your GBP maintained when you update your Yell business profile. 


Who can buy Extended Distribution? 

Extended Distribution is available to all customers as part of a digital marketing solution or as an individual product. However we know from experience that having a unique marketing solution packed full of features and services across a variety of channels achieves the best results for our customers. Plus, the more complex your program, the more one-on-one support you get with us.


How many Extended Distributions do I need? 

Extended Distribution is sold at branch level so one per branch. You can’t have multiple subscriptions for the same branch. 


How Does Extended Distribution Work? 

Following the approval of your eContract for Extended Distribution, we will place an order for you with third party supplier Yext for the Extended Distribution subscription.

 After a quick system review, your business details will start to be shared to all eligible and relevant publishers checking for a matching listing. If a match is found, we claim that listing, if not we create one. 


Different publishers on the network accept differing levels of content. Some take your details as soon as they are available, and some wait for an update to your Yell business profile, and some pull information when they make updates. This can take between a few days to a few weeks (it is typically the Sat Nav & Map based listings that take longer).


You can see what content fields we offer our Extended Distribution network at the top of the Overview Page on your Profile Summary.


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Why would my business not be eligible or relevant for a listing? 

There are a few reasons that listings may show as unavailable or not show at all on your Extended Distribution listings dashboard. The most common include: 

  • Supress Address – Several publishers (approx. 20) do not allow businesses to suppress their address and therefore if ‘Suppress Address’ is active for a branch these publishers will show as unavailable on the listings dashboard with a supporting message to indicate why. 
  • Category – Some publishers do not support certain categories and will show the listing as unavailable or not at all on your dashboard. An example of this is TripAdvisor who do not support all trades services, but are relevant for restaurants, accommodation, and attractions. 


What are Extended Distribution Analytics and what does it tell me? 


Accessing Extended Distribution Analytics 

You can access your Extended Distribution analytics from the report options available in ‘Performance Analytics’ from your online account (via desktop or app). 


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The default data shown is based on the ‘Data Available Through Date’ and the ‘Date Range’ selected at the top of the report.


When is Extended Distribution Analytics data available? 

The ‘Data Available Through Date’ is set based on the oldest data feed dates available, and the ‘Date Range’ setting looks at data counting back from this date. In this example, the Google Search Keywords data is the oldest data, last updated 31/5/23, and the 12-week data range set looks at all date available 12 weeks before that date.
The data range can be modified to look at an end date of today but that means it will not include any data for Google Search Keywords, as in this example it has not had any since 31/5/23 - unless the start date of the date range is set to before that date. 


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  • Google data starts to be available about 48-72 hours after linking with the ‘Reviews Distribution Over Time' and ‘Reviews Overview’ tile pulling historic data but the ‘Google Search Term Impressions’, ‘Google Search Term Impressions by Term Type’, ‘Customer Actions’ and ‘Listings Actions by Week’ tiles can take between 2-4 weeks to show captured data after Google is live on the dashboard. 


  • The ‘Listings Overview’, ‘Review Distribution Over Time’ and ‘Reviews Overview’ tiles , which are all related to Yell’s extended network, will start collecting data from the date that listings start to publish and be found, but will only show data if the Extended Listings Network data shows a date in the information box next to the ‘Data Available Through Date’ (see example below) 


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The Extended Distribution Reporting Tiles 

The Listings Overview Tile 

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The ‘Listings Overview’ tile shows the number of listings your business has live from the potential 48 (Address Supressed customers usually have a maximum of around 25 publishers that allow listings to not show an address). Details of what listings are not live and how they can be resolved can be found on the listings dashboard. 

The ‘Listings Updated’ field shows how many listings have been updated by content we have sent from your Yell profile to our network - this is also the number of amendments you would have had to make manually if you didn't have Extended Distribution.  


Total Listing Impressions Tile 

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The ‘Total Listings Impressions’ tile shows over a full year how many times each month your listings have been seen by potential customers via on one of the publisher sites and, if available, shows a comparison with the previous year. 


Listing Impressions by Device Tile 

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The ‘Listings Impressions by Device’ tile displays how many times your listings were viewed by either desktop or mobile devices. 


Google Search Term Impressions Tile 

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The ‘Google Search Term Impressions’ tile shows what search terms have led potential customers to finding your Google Business Profile.


Google Search Term Impressions by Term Type Tile 

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The search terms are then classified on the ‘Google Search Term Impressions by Term Type’ tile as either branded (a search for your business name) or unbranded (a search for a product or service). 


Customer Actions Tile 

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The ‘Customer Actions’ tile then shows what actions potential customers have taken on your Google Business Profile - whether they have used the ‘Get Directions’ feature, made a phone call to your business, or clicked through to your website. 


Listings Actions by Week Tile 

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The ‘Listings Action by Week’ tile takes the Customer Actions data and lays it out over a longer time frame so a week-on-week view of these actions can be seen. 


Review Distribution Over Time Tile 

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The ‘Review Distribution Over Time’ tile shows how many times your business has been reviewed via Google, and broken down by rating, over the last 6 full months. Reviews Management is not a feature customers get with Extended Distribution, but we show a simple view of how many reviews have been left on the Google Business Profile we have created or linked to Extended Distribution. 


Reviews Overview Tile 

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The final tile, Reviews Overview, shows a total number of Google Reviews, an Average Rating, and a break down by stars.
Example of an Extended Distribution Dashboard. 

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Useful Resources 

Yext Publisher Wiki – See more information on each of the publishers within the Extended Distribution Network