Yell Messaging Advanced offers several powerful features in addition to those that come with the free version of Messaging. These are designed to save additional time and effort by providing more qualified enquiries, as well as giving your business greater visibility in Yell search results.


What are the features of Yell Messaging Advanced and how will they benefit my business?


In addition to all the standard features, Yell Messaging Advanced also includes:


  • Up to six fully customisable, pre-qualifying questions that Hartley can use to provide you with detailed information so you can reply more accurately first time
  • An Advanced Messaging profile badge on your Yell listing to make your business stand out
  • Prominence in relevant Yell search results so you can appear over free listings - plus an added boost for content and nearby searches
  • Visibility in Yell searches where customers filter by ‘Advanced Messaging’
  • Access to advanced analytics

**Yell Messaging Advanced is no longer available to new customers**