With Yell’s powerful network reach your business can attract messaging enquiries across multiple channels. Once activated, potential customers will be able to message your business in the following places online:

  • Visit Yell.com on any device and you will be able to find and message a business

  • Across Apple channels (e.g. Maps and Spotlight search), a message button will appear on listings for businesses that have activated. Apple Chat Suggest also provides a click to call or message option wherever your phone number appears for iOS users

  • Google Business Messaging allows consumers to message businesses where they appear in mobile search results and on Google Maps via a Chat button

Additionally, Hartley our helpful bot helps you save time by instantly responding to enquiries. Acting like your very own personal assistant 24/7. All your messages from across the Yell network can be found in your messaging inbox in the Yell for Business app - where you can respond quickly and easily.