If a customer messages you but you don’t immediately respond, the message will remain in your inbox within the Yell for Business app for a period of time (Dependant on when the original message was sent from the customer). Following this time period Hartley will suggest to the Yell customer that they look to "post an enquiry" with regards to their needs.

The time frames are as follows:

  • Monday - 48 Hours
  • Tuesday - 48 Hours
  • Wednesday - 48 Hours
  • Thursday - 96 Hours*
  • Friday - 96 Hours*
  • Saturday - 96 Hours*
  • Sunday - 72 Hours*

*The trigger of Hartley advising to post an enquiry Thursday through Sunday is in trial and will be reviewed regularly by Yell, so could be liable to change in the future.

While Hartley instantly replies to messages before passing them onto you in the Yell for Business app, we recommend you respond as quickly as possible to avoid losing potential business to competitors. 


Customers who message a business will be advised of how quickly they respond based on their four most recent responses compared to the response time specified when you activated Yell Messaging.


If you can’t provide a full response quickly, send a brief reply to acknowledge receipt of their message and let them know when you will be able to provide a more detailed response.

**Yell Messaging is no longer available to new customers**