If you can’t see your review on Yell.com, it could be for a few reasons:

  • Your review may still be pending – If you haven’t verified your email address, your review will stay as pending and won’t be visible on Yell.com. When this happens, you will see a Pending Review notification next to the review on your Yell account page.
    To verify your account and get your reviews published, you will need to click on the link emailed to you to confirm your email address. If you haven’t received this email, press the Verify your Profile button above your reviews to resend it. You can ensure that your email address is up to date by changing your details on your Account Settings tab.

  • The business may have turned off reviews – In some situations, a business may choose to turn off the reviews feature on their listing. If that happens, all existing reviews will stop showing on their Yell.com profile page. You will still be able to see your review on your Yell account page. If the business turns the reviews back on, your feedback will be visible again.

  • We may have deleted your review – We will delete a review from our site if it breaches our Reviews Policy and Conditions of Use. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of profanities, threats, prejudiced comments or hate speech. We will notify you by email if your review has been removed from Yell.com.


Sometimes we might contact you to verify your full details if your review is reported, in accordance with the Defamation Act. If this happens, our support team will email you and ask you to respond to within 3 working days. If we do not receive a response within this time, your review will be removed.


To make sure you can receive our email notifications, please confirm your registered email address is correct in the My Settings tab of your Yell account page.