Your upgrade includes some great new features to help better engage your customers, including:

  • Customer management tools

Capture all website form submissions and respond to customers directly from your built-in inbox, making it quicker and easier to nurture potential customers without having to export and import data across different platforms.

  • Email campaigns, fast

Create up to 3 different email campaigns per month to engage visitors who have submitted forms, website members, or an uploaded list of contacts. With a selection of professional templates to choose from, you can easily engage your audience, promote your website, and build your brand with email campaigns.

  • Professional quotes & invoices

Send professionally designed quotes to contacts, including an expiry date, required payment terms, breakdown of services offered, pricing and any discounts. Then if a customer accepts the quote, automatically generate an invoice for the agreed service.

  • Timesaving automations

Set up to 2 automated tasks triggered by customer actions to drive engagement. For example, send a thank you email to customers when they fill in your ‘Contact Us’ form, or send a discount coupon when a price quote you sent to a customer expires.

  • Showcase your brand in a video

Easily create up to 4 videos that are perfect for adding to your website or sharing on social media. Choose from a set of templates or create your own short videos to showcase your brand and its products or services.