Yell provides performance analytics for all paid programmes, all of which are accessible through your online account, or through the Yell for Business app.

Online account

Click or tap here to log in to your online account.

You will find the performance of your programme within the Analytics section of your online account where you can drill into specific performance metrics measured for each product.

For and Smart Performance, we measure Impressions, Activities, Clicks and Calls. Details of what these metrics mean can be found within the Analytics section. Where call tracking has not been set up, you can contact us for help in getting set up.

Each of our other products offer their own suite of analytics that you will find useful in keeping track of the performance of your overall Yell programme.

Yell for Business app

Click or tap here to launch or download the Yell for business app.

Once you have logged in to the app, follow the simple steps below to view your analytics: