This feature is only available to Reputation Manager and Connect customers 

Each of your listings will display a status next to them. The listing statuses that can display are:

  • Tasks Pending - Yell is in the process of identifying the correct business listing on the publisher site.
  • Processing - Yell is in the process of syncing your business information with the publisher listing.
  • Live - Yell has successfully connected to the publisher listing and is syncing your business information.
  • Submitted – Yell has submitted your business information to the publisher listing.
  • Unavailable – Yell is unable to sync your business information to the publisher listing.
  • Opted Out - There is no data sync connection between Yell and the publisher listing. To create a connection, click the Opt in button.


In addition to the listing status, Yell will also display any issues related to a publisher listing and depending on the reason, there may be an action you can carry out to fix the issue.

You may also see a listing with a live status but that Requires attention. This may be due to a specific set of data not being synced to the publisher listing, but the rest of the data is being synced. This may occur because data in a field may not meet the publisher’s requirements.

For the following social media sites, you will see the issue status of Requires attention if you have not yet linked your account to the social platform or there is an issue with the link. You can fix this issue by clicking the Set up button and completing the social linking journey:

  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn