How to add rows

  1. You can add rows to your site by dragging widgets onto a page. When you drag a widget between rows or into a space where want to add a row, a new row will be created.
  2. To delete a row, right-click anywhere on the row to open the context menu, and then click Delete

How to add columns

Every row can contain up to four columns. Whenever you add a new column, it appears alongside the existing column in that row.

To delete a column, right-click anywhere on the column to open the context menu, and then click Delete. Alternatively, click the red X at the top right corner of the column.

How to add inner rows

Inner rows allow extra design flexibility by enabling you to add rows inside columns.

There are 3 ways to add inner rows –

  • Right-click the row and click Add Inner Row. If there are multiple columns in the row, choose which column you want to add the inner rows to.
  • Right-click the column and click Add Inner Row.
  • Right-click the inner row and click Add Row to place an inner row below the current one.


Click here to watch our how-to video on how to add new rows and columns to your website.