Repointing your domain will leave your emails working as normal as you aren’t changing any of the records linked to mail servers. However, by transferring the domain to Yell, you will break the link between your domain name and your email.


If you are moving the domain to Yell, we recommend that you back up any information in your mailbox that you wish to keep.


While we are in the process of transferring the domain to Yell, your current email accounts should continue to work, but it is important that you ask your current provider first, because some companies will cut the emails off before the transfer is done rather than after.


You need them to not cut them off, so you can continue to receive emails during the transfer process, and to give you time to back them up.


  • .uk IPS Tag Transfers normally take one working day to complete the transfer


  • Domains Transfers requiring an Auth Code (.com, .org, .net etc.) can take up to five working days to complete.


Once the transfer is complete, you will need to contact us and ask us to re-set up the DNS records for your existing email client.