Some companies don’t offer hosting without a website which is why they may not let you repoint your domain. If that is the case, you will need to transfer your domain to us.


.uk Domain

If your domain ends in .uk, please contact your hosting company and ask them to change the IPS Tag to TUCOWS-CA.


When that is complete, contact us and we can complete the transfer.


.com, .net, .org Domain

If your domain ends with anything else, such as .com, .net, .org etc., please ask your hosting company to unlock the domain, update the domain administrator email address to your personal email, and provide you with the domain name’s Auth Code (sometimes referred to as an EPP Code).


Once they confirm this has all been done, contact us so we can start the transfer process for you.


You will then receive an email asking you to accept the transfer and enter the previously mentioned code, it then takes 5 days for the transfer to complete.


Once you have confirmed the authorisation, contact us and we will complete the transfer.