1. Tap Create account on the app home screen

2. Fill in your details to register a new account, check the Privacy Policy and then tap on Create account

3. Tap on Find your Business Listing to begin a search on Yell’s live listings

4. Enter your business name & postcode to start the search

5. If your business is already displayed in the list, skip to Section 2. If it doesn't appear in the list, tap Business not listed

6. Select an address from the list, or tap Enter address manually

7. Input all your business details and tap Continue

8. Enter your business contact details, and tap Continue

9. Start typing to find a suitable classification for your business

10. Confirm details about how long your business has been operating, its legal status and T&Cs before tapping on Continue

11. Tap Claim this listing to finish claiming the listing for your business

12. Enter your contact details to create your account, tap the blue slider icon to confirm you agree to the legal terms, and tap Claim this listing

13. Tapping on View my listing will then take you to the main app page