Editing the content on your Yell.com business listing is simple with our self-service tools. Take control of your listing content to make sure your business information is always kept fresh and up to date. 

You can update the content of your Yell business listing via the Yell for Business app or your online Yell account.

Yell for Business app

  • Tap here to download or launch the free Yell for Business app
  • Tap on Manage profile on the main app screen 
  • On the Profile screen, you can add and edit your business details and links  
  • Scroll down the page and fill in as much information as possible about your business in all the relevant fields

Online Yell account dashboard

  • Log in to your Yell online account
  • Select Manage your profile page
  • If you have multiple business listings with Yell, then you will be prompted to select which listing to edit
  • Select from the Profile summary the content you wish to update

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