The following tips will help you optimise your business listing on When a user performs a search on, we first check to see which classification or classifications best match their search.


Results are influenced by our database of related product, brand and service terms. For example, if the user is looking for “attic conversions”, we’ll also look for businesses which match “loft conversions”. Or if the user is looking for “hair cuts”, we know not to double-score a business for having both “hair cuts” and “hair” in its website, as it’s the “hair cuts” concept the user wants.


Once this has been identified, we then check the listings content and website information to see if it contains the product, service or brands specified by the user. The listing that contains this information will rank higher in the results than other listings which do not contain the terms.


When two or more businesses are equally relevant to a given search, then the ranking of those businesses is randomised—each one has an equal chance of coming above the other(s).


You can help us show your business more frequently by updating the content and business overview on your listing. The more detailed you are, the more likely it is that we will display your listing.