As a consumer looking for a business, how do I use the new Job Posting feature on

Job Posting is a new feature on which you can currently access via mobile device (desktop and app functionality coming soon). When searching for a business in your local area on the website on mobile, using a postcode based search you will see a blue button labelled ‘Post a job’. Click on this and you can provide details of what you are looking for, then submit your request for relevant local businesses to review and respond to. You will need to create a account if you do not already have one.

Once your request is posted, relevant businesses in your local area will be notified of your Job Posting. For each business that expresses an interest in fulfilling the job, you will receive an email from Yell with information on that business and a selection of reviews from their listing.

Once you have chosen which business you would like to contact, simply click the Message Business button in the email to send them a message.

As a business, how can I use the new Job Posting feature on

Job Posting is a new feature on (currently available on the mobile website, with desktop and app functionality coming soon) which allows consumers to post a job request for their chosen classification in their local area. Businesses with paid advertising can get access to these Job Postings, and express interest in them.

Using the Yell for Business app, business owners can:

  • Get notified of a new job in their business classification within 5 miles of their location
  • Search for relevant jobs on a local and national level

Business owners who express an interest in a job will have an overview of their Yell profile and a selection of any reviews you have on your listing sent to the consumer by email. Consumers can then message their chosen business to discuss their project in detail. 

How does Job Posting add value for both consumers and Yell customers with paid advertising?

We regularly develop new features to enhance for both businesses and consumers. Job Posting has been introduced to offer consumers the ability to post their needs and receive responses from local businesses prominently listed on This addresses the needs of consumers who prefer to post their job rather than contacting several different businesses individually. For business owners with paid advertising, this provides a new way to obtain more potential customers at no additional cost.

Business owners with paid advertising can increase the likelihood of being chosen for Job Postings by updating their profile information and requesting more customer reviews. Switching on notifications for the Yell for Business app also ensures a business is instantly notified of new opportunities in their area and chosen business classification.