Find out how to make the most of your searches on with our guide to using Yell’s online business directory. Search for types of business, individual companies or services near you with the search bar.


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Searching for businesses on


What can I search for on

With Yell’s first search box, you can enter services or types of businesses, such as ‘Plumbers’ or ‘Pizza’. If you are looking for a particular business, you can also search by individual company name. Then just enter your location in the second box, and will show you the most relevant businesses near you for your search.


How do I look up a particular company name?

Simply type the company name into the first search box (‘Plumbers, pizza or company name’) and our search engine will try and find the matching company.

You can also use our auto-suggest feature, which contains the majority of the companies listed on Just start typing and then select one of these suggestions which our search engine recommends as a match.


How should I phrase my search?

If you’re not sure how to express your search, our search engine can help you find what you’re looking for:

  • The search engine can autocorrect some mis-spellings
  • The auto-suggest feature can help you with how to phrase your search.
  • It understands many synonyms, e.g. that ’24hr’ means the same as ’24 hour’ or ‘M&S’ means ‘Marks & Spencer’
  • You can separate words using spaces and/or commas, e.g. the search engine can interpret any of the following searches:
    • Restaurants, visa
    • Restaurants,visa
    • Restaurants visa
    • Restaurants and visa


I can’t find what I am searching for

If for some reason has not found what you are looking for then there are a few things you can try to improve you search results:

  • Try entering your search with quotations, e.g ’24hr locksmith’. This will make our search engine look for an exact phrase match for what you have entered.
  • Try entering your search term followed by *. This will show you everything that starts with your search term.
  • Try changing the location you are searching in.


I’d like to see an A–Z of classifications

See Yell’s A-Z of classifications here.



Searching by location on


What locations does recognise?

You can search by:

  • Village, county or region name, e.g. Kingston Bagpuize, Abingdon, Oxfordshire or South East England.
  • The first part of a postcode, e.g. RG, RG10, W, W1 or W1A.
  • will search throughout the UK if no location is entered.
  • Popular tourist areas, e.g. Forest of Dean and the Lake District.
  • Unitary authorities in England, Scotland and Wales, e.g. North Lincolnshire, East Ayrshire and Pembrokeshire.
  • Other administrative areas, e.g. Ards District Council in Northern Ireland and the London Borough of Hillingdon. does not recognise the location I’m looking for

To find what you’re looking for:

  1. Check the spelling.
  2. Try shortening your location to three letters or more followed by *. For example, searching for War* would suggest a range of locations such as Warrington and Warwick.
  3. If you know the first part of the postcode, search by postcode e.g. RG, RG10.


How do I get a map showing a company’s location?

If a business has their address listed, you will be able to get directions to their location. From a search results page, click on the map in the top right. On the businesses listing page, click the ‘Map & Directions‘ button to open the map.


Where can I find businesses in my city? has dedicated local homepages for our 22 most searched cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Nottingham.