Navigate your search results on with ease, with our user guide to results pages, business listings and company details. Find out how your results are ordered, how to contact the business and which results appear in your Yell search.


What results appear in my search?

The initial results are companies which are based in or serve your search location. As you move through the pages there are more matches  – these companies may not be physically within your search location but do serve your location.


To change how your list of results is sorted, selected the ‘Sort By’ drop down menu at the top of the results. Here, you can choose to sort by distance from your location, the area the business serves, star rating or most reviewed businesses. search results


What do the buttons in company results mean?


For each business we list a name, address and telephone number, where the company make these details public. From the search results you can also:


  • Click on the “Website” link next to a company’s name to take you to the company’s website, where they have one.


  • Clicking on the “Email” button to directly contact the business through our online contact form.


  • Click on the telephone number to call the business from your mobile.


Clicking on the business name will take you to the Business Profile Page, where you can find photos, videos, reviews and more business details.


Yell search capsule


How are my search results ordered?


Our search engine will try and show you the most relevant businesses to your search on the first few pages. The relevance of a business is calculated on how well they match what you are looking for and how far away they are from where you have searched. As you move through the result pages you will see your results becoming less relevant and further away.