Businesses are now able to request payment from their customers using the Yell for Business (Y4B) app. Save time by simply sending payment requests directly to your customers to receive payment via PayPal or bank transfer.


Who is eligible?

This feature is available to businesses with paid-for prominence via Yell Ads, allowing you to unlock the Payment feature, as well as Job Posting.

To access Payments, you will need to ensure that you activate the Messaging feature – you will see this on your home screen as part of your setup.

Once Messaging is activated, the Payments feature will automatically show on your app on the menu at the bottom.

How will it benefit your business?

Yell for Business Payments offers a quick and easy method for payment for your products or services. With the added Payments feature, you can message customers, accept new jobs, and manage your payments all in one place.

With Payments, you can:

  • Easily create customer records
  • Send payment requests for any amount between £1 - £5000
  • Accept payments directly to your PayPal or bank account

Other benefits include:

  • No fees from Yell – your money is all yours (dependent on your PayPal/bank account fees)
  • Easily delete payment requests if incorrect
  • Create a unique link so you can send the payment request on any messaging platform

How will it benefit your customers?

Customers benefits include:

  • Job details, messaging, and payments all in one place
  • More choice in payment method
  • Easy payment as part of the Job Posting service
  • A standalone payment method with a Yell registered business

How to use the Payments feature.

Set up your account:

1. Click the menu button to set up the Payments feature.

2. Add your bank and/or PayPal details

3. Click Confirm.

Create a customer record:

A customer record must be set up for each customer before you can request payment from them.

1. Select the Customers tab at the top of the Payments feature

2. To create a customer record, choose from the list of customers that appear or create a new one.

3. To create a new customer, simply click import from your phone contacts, or enter the customer details required.

4. Click Create.

Request a payment:

You can do this by either:

a) Going to the Payments hub on the menu and clicking Create payment request

b) Going to the Customers tab and choosing the customer to request payment from.

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Description automatically generated 

1. Choose customer record

2. Enter payment value

3. Choose preferred payment type (Bank transfer (BACS) and/or PayPal)

4. Enter payment description/note to customer (optional – will be seen by customer)

5. Tap Send payment request

6. Choose the listing/business the request is coming from (only if multiple exist)

7. Your customer will see the payment request on their app. 

8. Once the customer has paid, they can click Mark as paid.

9. When you have checked via your payment account, you can also Mark as paid.

Please note that all agreements are made between the Business and the Customer. Yell Payments is not responsible for resolving disputes. You can contact the Customer easily via the Yell for Business app. If you have any issues with your payment methods, you should contact your bank or PayPal.