This article shows how to repoint your third-party domain (website URL) that is hosted with LCN. 


Step One 

Visit the login page and click ‘Login’ and enter your login details. 


Step Two

Click ‘Control Panel’ in the top right-hand corner. 

Scroll down and click on ‘DNS Settings’

Step Three

Identify the record for:  

Host Name: Leave blank 

Type: A  

Change the result to


Step Four

Identify the record for:  

Host name: www


Change the result to 

After updating all the records, click ‘Save’

If either of the above records do not exist, use the ‘Add records’ feature. Please ensure they match the below if adding:


Host name:                            Type:                                   Result:

Leave blank                                 A                   

www                                       CNAME              

Records to delete: